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Jonathan Timpe

In light of current events, I wish to change the tone of this BIO from the previous account of my personal history, which was playful and trivial, to something more reflective of my deeper intent to why AeonSatori exists.

AeonSatori is a promise made to God in my late teens. It exists because of these times we are currently in as the spirit of humanity attempts to find its identity somewhere between physical existence and its true connection to its Creator.

My life has lead me (or drug me) to this period. Today great deceptions are playing out before our very eyes. Our trust in everything outside of ourselves is being challenged and dismantled. There is a spirit that has been unleashed that is Anti-Christ. Where trillions of dollars and eugenic driven ideas are being rolled out on a global scale.

A great reset has been called for in the ruse of a "natural pandemic" which when researched reveals anything but natural where both the man made virus and the proclaimed cures are proving to be deadly beyond all reason. For years we have known about Agenda 21(now renamed Agenda 2030). For centuries we have known of the prophecies of the Anti-Christ, the rise and Mark of the Beast, and the New World Order. There are people who's spirit and primary desire would like this world "depopulated" , finding little or no value in those in mass who they deem unworthy of existence.

As these days roll on you will have to make decisions. Hard decisions. You will be required to let go of your apathy and you will be thrust to make choices that are either in line or contrary to your spirit. You will be REQUIRED to become awakened and responsible for reason, compassion, depth of understanding, that only a desire for TRUTH can awaken in each of us.... or remain asleep, follow the herd, the controllers who are deceiving the spirit of humanity.

I would go into great detail here but I have lost much need to explain as it is time for each soul to do their utmost service to themselves and their loved ones by seeking only that which is within; form communion with that which resides there, and take guidance from that which the Christed Light has pointed to.

Exemplified in his life, death and resurrection story, it is time that each tests these instructions for themselves and find the true living God in their experience. Such experience is only a heartbeat away.

Rise and be the One that your Creator is LEADING you to be. Be still and KNOW that God is God and allow ONLY that personal communion to LEAD YOU.

That is all that can be said. The poetry, the music, the wisdom, is all mute. The wonder is within YOU! This is your chance to seek, and find it.

Christ was not an elitist. He found divine value in the very least among us. His was not a trend, financial investment, or a wielding of technology to control. His was not even judgmental as he asked the Father to forgive those that did not even have the capacity to understand their actions. His WAS MIRACLE!!!!

He saw divine LIFE of every human as sacred, drawn from the hand of Glory! The unfathomable architect of ALL that IS. A Loving Father Creator. Anti-Christ despises such and chooses to rid the world of the innocent they deem useless.

Learn who you are. Learn what you are connected to. Build your temple within, and begin Powerful Communion. You will not be alone. The REAL you is needed now more than any time in this worlds history.

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