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Progressive Rock AeonSatori Jeff Timpe Bio Panel
Jonathan Timpe

Jeff was born on the day that Aliens crashed in Roswell. His birth was actually few years later, if anyone is counting, ... oh and the location was Quincy Illinois and not New Mexico, ..but it was actually the same day in July. And just like the Aliens, much surrounding Jeff's landing, the year and comments of those witnessing the scene will remain a mystery - at least for this Bio.

Jeff is the father of both Jon and Tyler and has been married to Susan, an Angel in human form, since 1980.

As a small child being raised in the mid-west, Jeff was carted off to church with his mother every sunday. Although the preacher put him to sleep with all the fist pounding God fearing sermons, Jeff still recalls the melodies and harmonies heard as he would lie his head on his mothers chest as she sang church hymns with her sister by her side.

Jeff was forced to play trumpet in grade school and was often commended by the director that his tone was as if his horn had a sock stuck in it. Such criticism rolled off Jeff's back like water off a duck as he had no need to impress that goofy guy up front with the stick. Jeff was either last chair or second chair in the band, depending on if he rehearsed a little for tryouts or blew it off. Either chair seemed the same regardless, and usually the people at the end of the trumpet section were much more fun to be around anyway. And again there were those harmonies, 2nd, and 3rd parts all getting swirled around in his little mind.

Add to this, free access to the family "Hi-Fi" the Beatles, Herman's Hermits, Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, Simon & Garfunkel, the Doors, and of course the Monkees, Jeff's foundation of musical influence was off to a great start.

At around age 10, Jeff and his little sister began a couple of years of piano lessons with a very kind and loving elderly piano teacher named Mrs. Allensworth. Jeff was quite good for a child considering little or no effort was invested in practice, yet Jeff being of sound 10 year old mind, felt it was a girlish endeavor forced upon him by his mother, and preferred the challenge of corralling ants out on the sidewalk when his lesson was over and it was his sisters turn. Jeff's piano playing would wait to be revived in adulthood.

As Jeff matured, so did his musical tastes, evolving into Alice Cooper, Elton John, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, finding a teen years plateau and affinity with Queen, Styx, Boston, and Floyd. It was at this juncture that Jeff was exposed to a bass guitar. A close friend had been gifted a Sears Bass and Amp package by his parents for his birthday. Jeff was at his party and began to play by ear. He couldn't put it down. The friend, being a really good one, a month later gave the Sears package to Jeff saying that it had a much better chance at getting use in Jeff's hands than his own. Prog was on the horizon and the rest, is history.

Note: Jeff was 17 at the time of this gift. Somehow as many years transpired, the Sears bass and amp given to Jeff by his friend mysteriously disappeared and their whereabouts have remained a mystery in Jeff's mind. "It's as if they fell out of reality into a dimension of missing time... I have no recall." Yet, after countless gigs, washing machines, and thousands of hours of senseless chewings, Jeff still has in his possession the original guitar pick that came with the package given to him by his friend. "It is thick black material, and has strange markings of a K within a circle inscribed on one side and something that looks like a number 4 on the opposite. Its entire shape is almost "alien" and somehow it has never left me. It's gotta be from Roswell."

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