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Progressive Rock member AeonSatori Jonathan Timpe with Gibson Les Paul, Korg Wavestation, and Alesis Vortex Keytar Progressive Rock member AeonSatori Tyler Timpe with double bass drum kit Progressive Rock member AeonSatori Jeff Timpe with moog bass pedals, OB8 synthesizer, Rickencacker 4001 Bass
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They are the progressive rock band AeonSatori. Their goal - to rejuvenate and modernize the epic PROG sound of the 70's in combination with purposeful lyrics that aspire to "take you there".

AeonSatori offers a thought provoking experience communicated musically, lyrically and visually. Jon states, "We want to take our audience on an introspective musical journey of sorts. We write in ways that we enjoy musically, yet remain very focused on our music actually supporting the emotion and drama of the lyrics. It is very much like writing for film, yet the picture frames play only in our minds".

AeonSatori is truly about music that expresses their deepest thoughts and inspirations; from reflecting upon the human condition, to the dissemination of Truth and the meaning of Life. Tyler adds, "We are band that is not afraid to bring attention to topics that may seem uncomfortable to the status quo, yet we do so with resolute determination to take any theme toward a grander and higher resolve".

Though very capable musicians, the focus of AeonSatori is not to attain “the status of rockstars,” but rather to inspire, awaken, and empower their audience. Jeff offers the following: "The REAL power is not in the music itself, or who is playing it on a stage, the real power and goal is to escort someone to an inner experience ... some deeper connection that any person can make. That moment where they actually hear the whisper that has been singing in their ears for Aeons; that is Satori".

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“There’s something about your compositions that reactualizes prog rock, makes it deeper, stronger and more meaningful. Above all, it’s highly musical, inviting and alluring at the same time. …these compositions are great to listen to and, most importantly, relisten to. Wonderful. Will purchase as soon as it’s out! Best wishes,Kudos to you guys!”
-Frank Fleer