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Progressive Rock AeonSatori Tyler Timpe Bio Panel
Jonathan Timpe

Tyler was born on April 4th. A seemingly auspicious date (4/4) for a rock drummer wouldn't you say?

Like his brother Jonathan, Tyler has played in bands since the 5th grade. His first band being the ‘Red Hot Chili Cheese Fries’, a grade school Big Band Jazz group lead by the two Timpe bros. The Band and players quickly evolved, so much so that by the time Jon and Tyler were graduating from grade school, both had secured positions and early enrollment in the local AVC College Jazz program.

Tyler began altering his 4/4 time signatures early on as he started showing an interest in what his father was doing all those long hours in the family garage studio conversion. Tyler's father Jeff had always allowed musical space for the boys to grow in their own directions but was always close by dropping clues and influence of progressive styles, and broad eclectic music tastes. By high school Tyler was well equipped in Jazz, Big Band, Classical, and Pop through the school music programs. Yet on the fringe of his consciousness lay the rudimentary flurries of Neil Peart, the odd time signatures of Genesis and tasteful drumming of Phil Collins, the musicality of drumming greats such as Bruford and White of YES.

Tyler soon found himself deeply immersed within the High school drum corps and marching band. For Tyler, looking back "it was a seemingly necessary evil". Necessary, in that such an environment would give him rudimentary techniques based in precision, discipline and regiment for honing the required technical skills; with an even greater bonus as a social outlet of peers driven by teamwork and camaraderie. But for Tyler, such a strict and ordered hierarchical environment touted as musical, soon showed fundamental lackings in logic, as vast creative limitations surfaced that by nature proved suffocating to his freedom, creativity, and individuality.

As reflected upon in the lyrics of RISE and Sunlight, such impeding walls of "control" and "order", Tyler would soon have to consider surrender, or like every empowered rebel born in 1984, simply bust through the facade and RISE to the beat of one's own drum. According to Tyler, such unexpected "walls" simply fed the fire and gave momentum to return to his center to realize the dreams of his own making!

Freedom to express, to discover, and eventually to give the gift of what one enjoys and creates never tasted so good! Tyler went straight to work learning guitar, keyboards, midi drumming, and became adept within the digital audio and video home studio environment composing and recording original music and digital media.

Tyler was accepted to CSUN University in California and studied World Drumming, while majoring in Film Production. His student film "Fields Far Away" was selected and filming funded by the University and went on to become a nominated finalist in MTV University's "best film on campus" award in 2008. (Tyler's professional credits can be found at IMDB)


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