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Progressive Rock AeonSatori Jonathan Timpe Bio Panel
Jonathan Timpe

In July of 1982 Jeff and Sue Timpe attended a very special concert in Southern California given by Jon Anderson performing songs from his "Animation" album. This album and concert were special for the couple as the title track "Animation" was a song written about the magic miracle of childbirth, and Sue happened to be 7-1/2 months expecting their first born. Like so many others who enjoy Prog Rock, the music seemed a synchronistic soundtrack for what was happening in their young lives. Little did they know how deep such magical sounds could influence. Sue went into labor on their drive home from the concert, and within the next day Jonathan Andrew Timpe was born into this world.

Jon has played in bands since the 5th grade, his first band being the ‘Red Hot Chili Cheese Fries’, a Big Band Jazz group comprised of fellow students in which he was the lead sax player and band leader along with his younger brother Tyler who played drums.

Jon was around music all of his young life as his father Jeff was continually writing and performing progressive music with band rehearsals happening within the family garage home studio conversion. Jon became very proficient on his saxophone during his teens which eventually evolved into a performance major at California State University Northridge. His double major included saxophone performance and music composition with emphasis in music for media, from which he graduated with honors and was noted as the third highest GPA in the universities graduating class.

After graduation, Jon went on to work with Hollywood Film Composer Christopher Young and has acquired many credits in the film, game, and media industries, working with composers such as Danny Elfman, Garry Schyman, Christopher Drake, and Bruce Broughton on projects such as Justice League, Bioshock, Love Happens, Priest, Batman: Arkham Origins and Middle Earth: Shadows of war to name a few. (Jon's professional credits can be found at IMDB)

Although hats are routinely swapped among the family members of the Prog Trio AeonSatori, each member has assumed key roles of focus to work as a productive team in creating the debut album and its introductory EP. Jon has assumed the role of executive producer and engineer, as well as orchestration and mixing of a majority of the recorded material. His extensive work in film scoring and the commercial music industry has given Jon a familiarity and expertise working with the tool sets necessary to bring the AeonSatori music forward within their modest studio environment.

Jon's musical performance versatility allows him to perform on multi keyboards, guitars, backing vocals, and electronic wind synthesizers with spectacular results. Jon is able to bring his many years of saxophone technique to the AeonSatori sound with the use of a Yamaha WX-5 midi wind instrument. This instrument allows him access to any keyboard synthesizer or sampled sound, from violins to mini moogs, all controlled via the same key fingerings that became second nature to him since childhood. The instrument also features an electronic mouth piece that is sensitive to breath control for volume dynamics and vibrato, equipped with reed sensitivity for physically creating pitch bends and effects. Jon brings this distinctly unique instrument to the foreground in his vast arsenal of sounds just waiting to be used in AeonSatori music.

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